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Sanli public welfare

posted on: 2020-07-14 13:38:49

In terms of children's public welfare, we believe that children are the foundation of social development and progress. While paying attention to education, we should pay more attention to children's physical and mental growth. In 2016, the company established the "three forces public welfare" fund, which aims to promote children's physical and mental health, adheres to the concept of "poverty alleviation, focus on supporting the will, supporting the will, and must support the heart". It pays attention to children's physical and mental health, and carries out health examination, health knowledge development and other public welfare activities for children. Children's free physical examination project enables children to know their own body, and healthy physique is the first step for the healthy growth of teenagers; "little warrior" sex education training course enables students in mountainous areas to correctly understand their private parts, protect themselves, refuse to hurt, and let children feel happy childhood; Sanli public welfare organizes public welfare summer camp every year, and organizes helping, moral and learning Excellent students go out of the countryside, experience the urban culture, increase their growth experience, feel the colorful life, encourage children to be self-confident and self-reliance, inspire children to work hard for life, change their hometown and improve their lives with their own hands. As of December 2019, more than 9000 children have been helped by Sanli public welfare. On the road of public welfare poverty alleviation, Sanli will steadily increase the number of assistance year by year, track every poverty alleviation object, work hard, continuously give back to the society, and strive to help.