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targeted poverty alleviation

posted on: 2020-07-14 11:29:29

Since the work of poverty alleviation has been carried out, our company has closely focused on the city's industrial poverty alleviation goals, fully implemented the overall deployment of the municipal Party committee and the government. According to our own actual needs, combined with the situation of Shizi Township and Zongdi township of Ziyun Autonomous County in Pingba District, we have taken effective poverty alleviation measures and solidly promoted the industrial poverty alleviation work. On the whole, we have made a lot of progress and better The results. The report on the promotion of industrial poverty alleviation of our company is as follows:

1、 Progress of poverty alleviation

1. Progress of poverty alleviation project in Shizi Township, Pingba District

The Shandougen planting poverty alleviation project in Pingba district was launched in March 2017. It was proposed and organized by Pingba district government, assisted by our company, and implemented by the government of Shizi Township in Pingba district. The preliminary plan of the project determined to develop 3000 mu of Sophora tonkinensis planting.

In the early stage of the project, our company assisted in the environmental assessment of the planting site, provided the technical regulations and technical requirements for the planting of Sophora tonkinensis, and carried out field survey and site selection for four villages in Shizi Township, including yunpan, Dayuan, Sijia and Jiujia villages. After the investigation and confirmation of our expert group, the project implementation points are Sijia village and Jiujia village.

In December 2017, with the strong support of Pingba District Committee and government, the overall implementation plan of the project was determined, which was organized and implemented by the government of Shizi Township and supervised as a whole to formulate the overall plan of poverty alleviation projects. Financial institutions lend funds in the form of "preferential loans" and cooperate with the district government's poverty alleviation funds to reward and subsidize farmers, establish a feasible supervision and evaluation mechanism, and reward farmers with 5000-1000 yuan / mu according to the actual planting situation, so as to solve the financial difficulties of farmers during planting. Our company provides seeds and seedlings needed for planting, as well as planting technical guidance and product recycling methods to solve the problem from planting to sales.

With the implementation of the project, the annual output value can reach 30 million yuan, which can drive about 1500 farmers to participate in planting, transfer or increase more than 6000 rural labor force, which is of great help to reduce the poverty-stricken population and increase farmers' wealth. It can also adjust and optimize the industrial structure of local rural planting, improve the yield rate of traditional crops in rural areas, and improve the traditional farming methods, which plays a good role in environmental and soil protection.

As of June 2020, the company has guided the planting of Sophora tonkinensis 2040 mu in Shishi township (Sijia village and Jiujia Village) of Pingba District, Anshun City, and led 776 households (3776 people) to participate in the planting. Among them, 593 households (2626 people) have successfully helped 562 households (2571 people) out of poverty, and 31 households (55 people) without poverty relief have been planted by the company The average income of poverty-stricken households in Shizi township has increased from 2550 yuan-3400 yuan per year to 3747 yuan-5200 yuan per year this year. Our company plans to plant about 3000 mu of Sophora tonkinensis in Shizi Township by the end of 2019, with an annual output value of 30 million yuan and a total output value of 90 million yuan, which can be rolled forward year by year. The implementation of the project will drive 1500 farmers to participate in the planting and transfer or increase more than 6000 rural labor force.

2. Poverty alleviation project in Ziyun County

The poverty alleviation project of Ziyun county was led by Anshun Environmental Protection Bureau in Ziyun County on September 13, 2017, with the participation of the county, township, poverty alleviation village and our company to discuss the implementation plan and plan of the poverty alleviation project. After visiting our company's planting base in Ziyun County, The project is confirmed to be organized and implemented by Anshun Environmental Protection Bureau with the participation and assistance of our company. It is divided into three years to plant 2000 mu of Sophora tonkinensis in daruo village, Zongdi Township, Ziyun county.

Daruo village of Zongdi township is the counterpart poverty alleviation village of Anshun Environmental Protection Bureau. Anshun Environmental Protection Bureau attaches great importance to the poverty alleviation work, sends several cadres of Environmental Protection Bureau to carry out poverty alleviation work in the village, and establishes a local cooperative (Jixiang herbal medicine planting farmer cooperative society of Zongdi Town, Ziyun Autonomous County) for specific operation and implementation. Anshun environmental protection bureau takes the lead and invests about 2 million yuan to the cooperative. The cooperative collects and organizes all the poor households in the village, purchases seeds, fertilizers and plastic films and distributes them to the poor households. In the form of no land transfer, each household is responsible for planting and managing their own land. During the four years of planting, our company regularly checks whether the planting is qualified. After the inspection, the local cooperatives Each year, subsidies will be given to farmers at the amount of 500-1000 yuan / mu per mu to solve the income problem of poverty in the four-year period. The growers sign a drug recovery agreement with the cooperative. After four years, the farmers recover the medicinal materials at the guaranteed price, and deduct the subsidies previously paid from the purchase funds, which will be used as the working capital of the cooperatives.

In the early stage of the project, we participated in the site selection, planting technology and planting scheme of the project. Now we have signed a tripartite agreement and seed purchase and sale contract with the Environmental Protection Bureau and the local cooperatives. We will provide the seeds of Sophora tonkinensis according to the market price, provide technical guidance and training, and regularly inspect their planting bases, and finally recover them at the guaranteed price.

As of June 2020, our company has guided the planting of 800 mu of Sophora tonkinensis medicinal materials in daruo village, Zongdi Township, Ziyun County, Anshun City, and led 307 households (1474 people) to participate in the planting, including 154 poor households (723 people). The income of farmers in daruo village of Zongdi township has increased from 3200 yuan / year to 5300 yuan / year this year. Our company is expected to complete the target planting of 2000 mu in 2019. With the next step of increasing the output of Sophora tonkinensis, the average annual income of each household can reach more than 30000 yuan. It is expected that the poverty will be lifted out of poverty in December 2020.