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Let's go on a long journey with songs

posted on: 2020-07-16 16:18:39

On July 7, 2020, the fourth induction training for management and training students of Sanli in Guizhou was officially launched in Sanli headquarters. The management students who participated in the training were from various colleges and universities, and 22 students experienced the real environment of team cooperation through a week of immersion learning.

First of all, through the explanation and introduction of the administration department, the students will get close to Sanli, listen to their stories, and understand Sanli's corporate culture. At the beginning of the training course, the forerunner's tutor gave a brief description of the next week's course. At the same time, colleagues from three different departments were invited as the tutors of this course. During the one week study, the students were provided with internal training and systematic training, practice and assessment of the course.

Learning content:

Corporate culture propaganda, expansion activities, product knowledge introduction, PPT presentation skills training, business etiquette, basic drug knowledge training, GMP related knowledge, effective communication and career planning.

Through a week's learning practice, we witnessed the rapid growth and improvement of each student under the guidance of tutors, rich training course resources and many opportunities to show comprehensive strength. At the same time, also for the company's talent pool and input a batch of fresh blood.

In the final graduation moment, we also awarded the graduation certificate to every student who participated in this training course.


The company has been pursuing the discovery and introduction of young people who are willing to work hard and have dreams. As an important part of the talent echelon of the company, we expect every new member to show his value, realize his dream, open a new chapter in his life, and leave a touch of color in his career on the milestone of Sanli.